Credit card processing is beneficial for every business, but it is practically a necessity for cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Because cosmetic procedures are rarely covered by insurance, patients often rely on credit cards to pay—which means being able to accept credit cards can be the difference between gaining a patient and losing their business to a competing practice.

As one of the premier financial processing companies in San Diego, Core Financial Processing provides cosmetic and plastic surgeons with flexible, affordable, and secure payment processing solutions. We have years of experience partnering with plastic and cosmetic surgery practices, making us uniquely qualified to offer your practice the payment processing and merchant solutions you need to improve cash flow, reduce operating expenses, and stay compliant with HIPAA and PCI regulations.

Our goal is to demystify and simplify payment processing to provide comprehensive solutions to independent plastic and cosmetic surgeons that were once only available to larger practices. Because we understand, appreciate, and cater to the unique payment processing needs of plastic and cosmetic surgeons in San Diego, we promise a “white-glove” approach that will change your perception of payment processors for good.

Why Core Financial Processing?

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Lowest pricing available
  • No hidden fees
  • HIPAA/PCI-compliant credit card processing
  • Integration with existing payment platforms
  • Variety of payment processing solutions
  • Long history in the merchant processing business
  • Specialize in payment processing solutions for cosmetic surgeons

Whatever your needs are, allow us to leverage our experience and expertise to help you find the best payment processing solutions for your plastic or cosmetic surgery practice. Call or contact us online to learn more about our rates, our capabilities, and our unique approach to payment processing.

Scalable Payment Processing Solutions Plastic Surgery Facilities

Whether you are opening your first facility or expanding operations, Core Financial Processing offers cutting-edge payment processing solutions that can scale alongside growth. Our flexibility allows us to integrate with almost any platform, and as experts in the payment processing industry, we can be your trusted advisor on any payment platform decisions you are making now or in the future.

Turn to Core Financial Processing for all your payment processing needs, including:

  • Virtual Terminals – A virtual terminal allows your practice to accept credit cards without needing a dedicated credit card processing machine. Our virtual terminal solutions include automated clearing house (ACH) electronic payments and hosted payment pages. Combined with a recurring billing system, these virtual terminals make it easy to arrange patient payment plans, thus increasing cash flow while reducing the costs (and headaches) associated with billing and collections.
  • PIN Pads/Card Readers – Core Financial Processing works with the leading major POS and card reading companies, so we can recommend a solution that works for your current and future payment processing needs. If you have an existing PIN pad or card reader that you would like to keep, chances are good that our payment processing solutions will integrate with your existing equipment for minimal operational delays and disruptions.
  • Remote Deposit Capture – Do you accept checks? If so, Core Financial Processing can save you time with our remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions. RDC allows you to use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to conveniently deposit checks 24 hours a day. Not only does this accelerate funding and improve cash flow, but it also stores checks in a secure paperless format that is easy to access online for expedited reporting capabilities.
  • eCommerce Payment Gateways – According to Plastic Surgery Practice, retail sales of skincare products could total between 10% and 25% of your total revenues. If you are looking for creative ways to increase your revenue per patient or leverage new income streams for your practice, Core Financial Processing can help you turn your website into an e-commerce platform for skincare products and other items your patients may be interested in. Choose from a wide variety of shopping carts and e-commerce platforms into which we seamlessly integrate for fast, secure transactions

Secure, Compliant Payment Processing for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons

Core Financial Processing adheres to all requirements needed to achieve and maintain PCI compliance (the gold standard in credit card processing). Although financial processing does not fall within the scope of HIPAA requirements, our PCI-validated healthcare payment processing gateways and terminals provide you with the same safeguards to protect patient data against theft and fraud. We use point-to-point encryption to ensure that card and cardholder information is indecipherable even if intercepted or copied as the data passes through workstations, servers, and networks.

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