No meal is complete without a seamless, secure, and frustration-free way to pay. Fortunately, Core Financial Processing has experience supplying restaurants with industry-leading payment processing solutions so they can delight customers even after the meal is served.

Although our merchant solutions are not exclusively available to restaurants, we have extensive experience working with restaurant owners in San Diego and elsewhere. Other payment processing companies may claim to work with restaurants, but we know the industry and the unique payment processing challenges you face as a restaurant owner.

Our vision is to provide comprehensive payment processing solutions and capabilities so your restaurant can function as efficiently as the largest, multi-state, corporate-owned restaurants in the United States. And thanks to our relationship-focused approach, we promise to provide solutions that exactly meet your needs—nothing more, nothing less, just the best payment processing solutions for restaurants like yours.

If you have any questions or would like to get started with a free demo or quote, please call or contact us online today. One of our payment processing experts is standing by to assist you.

Flexible, Scalable, and Cutting-Edge Payment Processing Solutions

Core Financial Processing provides and integrates with a wide variety of merchant solutions. Our team of payment professional are committed to helping restaurant owners find affordable solutions to their payment processing needs.

Our flexible, scalable, and cutting-edge payment processing solutions for restaurants include:

  • Virtual Terminals – Although most restaurants only charge “in-store,” others have found additional income streams outside of dine-in, carry-out, and delivery. For example, if your restaurant offers community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs or sells merchandise online, Core Financial Processing offers virtual terminal solutions including automated clearing house (ACH) electronic payments and hosted payment pages so you can maximize other value streams.
  • Point of Sale Terminals – Core Financial Processing works with the leading major POS companies and can provide your restaurant with the best terminal for your current and future needs. Whether you own a quick-service café, a fine dining establishment, or anything in between, Core Financial Professing can help you select the right payment terminal to maximize efficiency and profitability.
  • Mobile Payments – Does your restaurant offer delivery? If you use your own delivery drivers, Core Financial Processing can set you up with mobile payment processing solutions so you can quickly and easily accept payment from customers when the food arrives. Mobile payment processing solutions, including smartphone and tablet devices, are also ideal for restaurants that participate in local farmer’s markets or community events. Core Financial Processing can also get you started with mobile payment capabilities if you have been thinking about entering the food truck arena.
  • Contact-Free Payments – Consumers are increasingly demanding contact-free payment options. Restaurants that wish to provide consumers a no-risk, no-contact means of payment can contact Core Financial Processing to learn about our suite of contactless payment solutions.

If you are interested in learning more about these or any other payment processing solution for your restaurant, get in touch with the professionals at Core Financial Professionals today. No matter the size of your restaurant (or how many restaurants you own) we can find a merchant solution for you!

Quick and Secure Payment Processing for New Restaurants

Opening a new restaurant? Whether this is your first restaurant, a new location, or a new concept, Core Financial Processing can help you get set up with payment processing so you can focus on delivering great food (and a great payment experience) to your guests.

Our team can help you take all the guesswork, headache, and expense out of setting up payment processing in a new restaurant. We will guide you through every step, from setting up a merchant account to ordering and installing payment terminals and devices, so you can be ready to start accepting payments as soon as you are ready to open your doors and your kitchen.

Thanks to our experience providing payment solutions to the restaurant industry, we know the pains restaurant owners often go through when setting up payment solutions at a new restaurant—which is why we are confident we can help you avoid any missteps or setbacks that will delay the opening of your dining establishment.

Better Payment Processing for Restaurants is Just a Call or Click Away!

Is your restaurant taking advantage of the latest payment processing technology? Are you overspending on credit card processing fees? If you are looking for an affordable, secure, and convenient solution for your restaurant, Core Financial Processing is here to help.

For all your restaurant payment processing needs, get in touch with the experts at Core Financial Processing.

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